Need help creating your Cue Sheet?

Watch a quick intro to our Cue Sheet helper tool.

How you create your AAF/XML files

  1. Make sure the path to the original music file is active and the music hard drive is connected. If the path is not active, the duration will not be taken into consideration by Final Cut.
  2. Mute all picture channels and channels that do NOT contain the music that you need the data for.
  3. Right-click on the sequence that you want to extract the XML-file from.
  4. Go to ‘Export’ and choose ‘XML’ – the ‘Export XML’ window should then open.
    1. Use the following settings: Format: Apple XML Interchange Format, Version 4 Leave [Include Master Clips Outside Selection] UNchecked Leave [Save project with latest clip metadata (recommended)], checked Click OK.
  5. Chose Destination to save the file.
    1. Save the file with given filename, preferably: CompanyName_ProductionName_
    2. E.g. FunProductions_CookingWithBob_Eps13
    3. The file will then be ready for upload.
  1. Make XML export (Final Cut format).
  2. Save as ”ProductionCompany_ProgrammeName_epsX”.
  3. The file will then be ready for upload.
  1. Before you export, you will need to split all stereo files to mono.
  2. Mark all audio tracks (music tracks).
  3. Press ‘ALT’, click in the sequence window and drag to the bin (any bin is OK).
  4. Right-click the sequence file in the bin.
  5. Select ‘split all tracks to mono’ (this will create a copy of the sequence and all audio tracks into two separate mono tracks).
  6. Export to AAF (please see guide on how to export).
  7. Right click the sequence you want, click ‘Export’, then select where you would like to save it.
  8. Click ‘Options’, choose ‘Export as AAF’, then check ‘Include All Audio Tracks in Sequence’ - make sure it says, ‘Export Method: Link to (Don't Export) Media’.
  9. Click ‘Save As’ and give the settings a name e.g. ‘Music Report AAF’.
  10. Name the AAF you are saving e.g. ‘Blabla_pgm_101.aaf’, then click ‘Save’. Next time, you will only need to do steps 1, 2 and 5!